Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara– Not so blessed by the fairies

Fairy Drops Quattro Mascara (not Quattro Fromagi - though it's tempting to title it that)

Fairy Drops Quattro Mascara (not Quattro Fromagi – though it’s tempting to title it that)

I’ve been a bit of a mascara floozy recently. I would say I’m generally a faithful lady to Lancome Definicils (stays put, lovely enhanced natural lashes and work appropriate), but sometimes when one is killing time waiting for friends to arrive so we can grab some supper on a rainy London night, the siren call of Topshop and all the new and shiny things in their beauty section is heard on payday.

As I was browsing away and colouring my hand with different bits of makeup (then wondering how the heck I was going to scrub the various eyeliners off) the glint of Fairy Drops caught my eye. There has been a lot of love out there for this mascara, most recently in the lovely harrymakesitup and viviannadoesmakeup blogs, so I thought I’d fairy flirt and try it out.

Now, the version that generated a lot of the original mascara hi-fives was the three-bobble wand one (waterproof) but I purchased the ‘Quattro Mascara water-resistant version (unintentionally – this was the only version I could see and also quite frankly my Japanese is not what it once was and so I couldn’t decipher the scrawl on the packaging).

The next day, lickity spit, I opened the shiny package and…well…hmmmmm. First off, do the Japanese not require some kind of mechanism to prevent the wand just pulling out globs of mascara like some oversauced Friday night kebab? Apparently not. I spent the next 2 minutes diligently scraping off the obvious excess. Next stop was actually applying it. The theory behind the four bobble wand is that it’s supposed to grab and curl the eyelashes in the right places – but it was just pretty awkward and the shape of it meant that when I tried to place the wand at the base of the eyelashes, it caught the underside of my lashline and left mascara on my upper waterline. My eyelashes at the end were OK (pretty long, average curl) but the annoying application cancelled out any ‘ooo factor’.

Bobble Bobble toil and trouble

Bobble Bobble toil and trouble

I then poddled along to work and things went downhill as my eyes started itching. The tubes in the mascara had started to flake off within an hour and began falling into my eyes leaving a gritty feeling and by lunchtime my peepers looked as if I’d been on a nightcrawl with early 90’s Keith Allen – red and irritated.

Not to be defeated, I have tried a few more times to find the fairy love but, whilst the flaking didn’t happen again the application process didn’t improve and the results just weren’t great. Alas, cute packaging aside, this Dacshund Detective is going to have to look for more friendly fairy companions.

Because a Dachshund likes to groove

Beautiful tune for the day is the Jake Steadman Remix of ‘From Eden’ by Hozier. Simply masterful.